Design Q&A: Paint Colors, Wallpaper, & More

It’s been a while since we’ve shared another installment of answering your design questions, but we’re back! From questions about favorite brands of paint colors, to whether to put up wallpaper or not, here are my responses! Make sure to follow along on Instagram where I put up a question box for these kind of questions.

shelf styling white living room
Designer: K. Peterson Design | Photographer: Poppi Photography

Q: My fireplace is off-centered by 14 inches. I want built-ins because a wall is so boring, it needs more than trim.

A: Built-ins are a great way to disguise an off-balanced fireplace, so great idea!

Q: What is your favorite brand of outdoor/indoor shades?

A: Sunbrella and Perennials are my favorite brand of indoor/outdoor shades.

Q: I’m curious why Sherwin-Williams paints seem to be the preferred brand for interior designers?

A: I don’t think they are, personally, I feel like Benjamin Moore and Farrow and Ball are preferred, but SW does have nice colors. See below for my favorite paint colors!

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Wall art is one of my favorite decor pieces to buy because it can really make or break the room. I get it though, it can be really overwhelming to know what to choose for each space and how to mix pieces together in a way that ends up actually looking good, rather than disjointed. How To Choose Wall Art While selecting…

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wall art ideas
Designer: K. Peterson Design | Photographer: Poppi Photography

Q: Is peel-and-stick wallpaper worth it? Also, where do you source wall art?

A: Peel and stick wallpaper is not something I have any experience with, but there are lots of DIY-ers out there who explain theirs! My favorite places to source retail wall art include Minted, Artfully Walls, Etsy, and then Instagram for finding new artists.

wallpaper teen girl bedroom
Designer: K. Peterson Design | Photographer: Kara Mercer

Q: To wallpaper or not wallpaper?

A: I love wallpaper, but it comes down to budget. If you have textured walls expect it to be triple the price because you have to skim coat those to achieve a smooth surface. Unless you can wallpaper all four walls, I’d say it’s not worth it.

runner on stairs
Designer: Studio McGee

Q: How do you pick out a runner that goes up and down the front and back stairs, and all of the upstairs?

A: Keep your runner on just your stairs and find a wall-to-wall carpet to carpet the upstairs/non-stair portion.

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