Refinishing My Floors With Bona

We are so excited to share that we’ve recently partnered with Bona to refinish my hardwood floors. I love Bona for several different reasons, but here are a few off the top of my head: they’re a sustainable company and their products are SO much better for your health and the environment than other brands, the quality of their products is the best of the best and I use and recommend them to my own clients, and they champion refinishing versus replacing floors, which really resonates with me.

Along with Bona, we worked with Element Hardwoods to refinish my floors. But first, a bit of background: about four years ago we did a light remodel on my kitchen and had these classic honey oak floors that read super orange. At that time, I chose to refinish them with Country White and while some areas had that beautiful washed-out Scandi look I was going for, other areas turned really pink due to the red oak flooring. Not to mention, with two young kids, they’ve taken a beating over the years and were ready for a refresh!

My hardwood floors, before
My floors, before

To be honest, I was a bit hesitant to refinish my floors again because I still remember the intense fumes that stuck around, not to mention the MESS. However, Bona promised me that with their proprietary system, not only would I not have to worry about dust getting everywhere, but I also wouldn’t be dealing with strong fumes as their finishes are low VOC and low odor—phew!

The Process

On day ! of the job, they came in and sanded most of the first floor with their dustless containment system and they laid down some stain samples, which you can see below:

Laying down paint samples
Bona stain samples
Bona's dustless containment system
Bona’s Dustless System

I was so impressed with the complete lack of dust in my home! Everything was sucked up by their machine, whereas in the past, I’ve had dust all over my bookshelves and walls when refinishing my hardwood floors.

On the second day, the sanding was finished and their waterborne stain was laid down. I couldn’t believe how low-odor it truly is. Such a stark difference from the last time I refinished my floors with a different brand! As a mom, it made me feel good to know I was using these greener, safer products in my home that are also really amazing quality too.

After: My Newly Refinished Floors

My newly refinished floors with Bona
The living room floor, after

I could not be happier with the final result and the darker, richer color. I was so impressed by Bona’s dustless containment system, how fast it dried (in way less than 24 hours!), and the lack of smell! I would wholeheartedly recommend working with a flooring specialist who uses Bona’s system the next time you’re looking to refinish your floors. I know I will never look back!

My kitchen with my new refinished floors by Bona
The kitchen floors, after

This post is sponsored by Bona.

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