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Wall art is one of my favorite decor pieces to buy because it can really make or break the room. I get it though, it can be really overwhelming to know what to choose for each space and how to mix pieces together in a way that ends up actually looking good, rather than disjointed.

Designer: Studio McGee

How To Choose Wall Art

While selecting wall art can be a challenge for some, it doesn’t have to feel impossible. I think wall art is super personal so when working with interior design clients, I will have that conversation with them to nail down what things they’re attracted to. I always try my best to get to know them and their history, hobbies, where they like to travel, etc., and from there make a personal connection to the subject of the art as a starting point. Next, I go to the color and scale of the art itself— do I want the colors to complement and blend in? Or do I want it to be a statement piece in either a large scale or attention-calling colors? With all pieces, I want that personal connection, either color or scale to make a statement because it’s art and it really doesn’t need an explanation. With art, all rules can be broken and it can still look good.

German Pointer lithograph
German Pointer lithograph

Most pieces in my house I’ve either inherited or I have a personal connection to them. I have a lithograph of a trio of German Pointers because if you know me, you know I have a sweet, goofy German Pointer named Tova at home. I also have a piece that’s a big framed tapestry and I just love the scale of it. I don’t necessarily worry as much about scale and color as those come naturally to me, so I gravitate more towards things that evoke an emotional response, memories, travels, etc. If you’re traveling and it’s a small piece, matte it in an oversized frame and make it feel bigger that way. For your smaller pieces, find those spots in your home that it could become the star of. At the end of the day, love what you invest in and you won’t get tired of it.

Here’s a wall art roundup of some of our recent favorites, along with where we think they’d work well in most homes. Enjoy!

Lemons | Heirloom Print Shop

wall art roundup lemons vintage style painting

This is perfect wall art for a kitchen either framed in a vintage frame and leaning on the countertop or if there’s a great spot for it, hung on a kitchen wall.

Lakeview II | Heirloom Print Shop

wall art roundup lakeview II

This moody print would be beautiful framed in a vintage frame in a gallery wall.

Etched Brunch | McGee & Co.

wall art roundup etched brunch

This vintage-style painting would be nice stacked against another frame or layered on a bookshelf.

Melancholy Sea | McGee & Co.

melancholy sea painting mcgee and co

This sea painting would look good above a bed or amongst a gallery wall.

Textured Movement | McGee & Co.

plaster art

This plaster art piece would be great up above a fireplace or standing on its own on a smaller wall so it takes up a good amount of the wall’s real estate.

Gray Seas | McGee & Co.

gray seas wall art mcgee and co

This dramatic seascape painting would be wonderful for a hallway focal point or leaned up against a shelf, layered in with other decorative items.

Time Stood Still | Maja Cunningham

vintage car photograph wall art

This cool vintage car photograph would look great in a moody office, or a light and bright main living space on a larger scale.

Movement | Kaitie Bryant

minted photographed

I’d buy this the larger the better, love this for a bedroom.

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