An Interview with Krissy Peterson

Hi, there! I’m Christine, the Marketing Manager here at K. Peterson Design, and I’m popping on here today to share an interview with Krissy Peterson, our amazing founder! Read on to get to know the talented and creative boss lady behind this business, and leave your questions for Krissy in the comments.
Krissy Peterson sitting in her living room

You didn’t originally go to college to study interior design, what made you decide to go back to school?

Well, technically I chose my undergraduate school because I DID want to be an interior designer and my school had a program. But I took one class and decided I didn’t like it and thought I would make a lot more money doing Business Finance. I eventually graduated with a BA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. 

How did you get started in your field doing what you do? 

My step-dad worked for a mega-yacht builder, Delta Marine, and managed to get me a job in the Interior Design department. I helped out in a bunch of different ways but LOVED being around the amazing design team dreaming up these luxury interiors. That was just before the recession, and then I got laid off and decided to go get my formal degree in Interior Design after all. 

Krissy Peterson at home with her dog

You have two toddlers at home. What’s a typical day like for you as a working mom?

Every day I’m up between 5 am and 6:30, depending on if I go to the gym or not. I’ve always loved mornings with my kids, so even if I workout I try to get home by 6:30 to be with them. I love sitting on the sofa with my coffee watching cartoons and having breakfast with them. Our nanny arrives at 9 am and I am usually out the door shortly after that. I will then go to my office and get work done, go to site visits or consultations. Peppered in there are regular mom things such as preschool drop-offs, gymnastics, ballet, swim lessons, grocery store, etc. This last year I’ve really tried to maintain going to those things as often as I can as my kids are still young and I really want to be involved in those activities. 

Where do you find inspiration for your work? What inspires you?

I find inspiration definitely through travel and history. I am a huge antique and vintage hunter so finding things from the past really inspire me. I love the architecture and design style from places like Australia, England, France, and Denmark. I grew up surrounded by Scandinavian furniture so it definitely plays an influence on how I design. 

Krissy Peterson in her breakfast nook

How do you curate a space versus simply decorating it?

I think thoughtfully curating a well-designed space takes time. It is not simply going to a few stores and finding some “things that would work”. I like for the homes I design to have a lot of meaning behind the items that they fill them with. Sure, a few simple filler decor pieces are fine, but I really want each item to have a story and a REASON that it is there. 

What are you currently working on?

I currently have SIX projects. That is the most I’ve ever had! I have two large renovations, two medium-sized decor/renovation projects, and a few small one-room design jobs. They are all at different stages which helps!

Who are some of your design inspirations?

Jean Stoffer, Jeffery Dungan, Victoria Hagan, Lemontree Interiors, and Amber Interiors.

Interview with Krissy Peterson in her Redmond, WA home

What do you hope to achieve for your clients when designing for them?

I hope that every time they use the space they think to themselves, “I just love this space.” I want them to feel comfortable, proud to show it off and excited to do it again. 

What’s the number one thing people should prioritize investing in when redoing their home?

For permanent items, I think the most important investment you can make is in the paint and flooring. That is your canvas. If those elements aren’t working, then it is really hard to create a space that feels good on top of it.

For furniture, I definitely follow the rule “buy fewer but better”. I would rather purchase items that are higher quality and will be made better and will last longer. This is usually items like upholstery and tables. I like to pepper in a few trendy items that you aren’t as attached to because of price so that when the trend ends, you don’t feel bad donating and replacing it. 

What’s your favorite type of space to design?

I love to design a living room and I love kitchens and laundry rooms!

Krissy Peterson standing at work table

Favorite way to treat yourself?

Going to my favorite nursery and buying beautiful plants or going to the spaaaaa. 

Childhood dream job?

Ironically, when I was young I wanted to be an interior designer, and my Barbies would be interior designers. But, I also had an astronaut phase as well as a police officer phase and a supermodel phase. 

Place where you feel most inspired:

Scandinavia, especially Copenhagen. 

Drink of choice:

Extra Dirty Vodka Martini.

Favorite podcast:

I’ve been loving Michelle Binnette’s Podcast, Real Talk Design. It is so relatable.

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