Project Reveal: English Hill East Laundry Room

english hill east laundry room

I’m so excited to share my English Hill East project reveal with you all today! This was a large, multi-room project that wrapped up last summer, and it included designing a guest bedroom, a shared girl’s bedroom and bathroom, a mudroom, and this laundry room!

My clients live in a beautiful home in Redmond, WA with a busy household of 6. They desperately needed more space, so an addition was made and their once-cramped laundry room got a major upgrade to this spacious area. A bonus was that the laundry room was now in a room that had easier access to the rest of the house—perfect for the laundry needs of a big family!

english hill east project reveal laundry

The big challenge in this space was the lack of natural light, there was just the one tiny window that you see pictured. I knew I had to brighten things up so we clad the wall in shiplap and painted everything a crisp white color.

bright and airy laundry room

Now, for the fun and functional: each family member has their own dedicated shelf for folded laundry (I’m sure placed there with the hopes of being put away soon thereafter!) The counter space seen above actually spans the washer/dryer making for easy folding and sorting to officially ban all excuses for piles of unfolded laundry outside of the laundry room forevermore.

functional laundry room design

Underneath the counter is a dedicated space for clothes to be separated before being washed, and a large sink to contain all of life’s messes, but can also double for things like arranging florals and bathing babies because why not?!

vintage rug laundry room

I couldn’t be more pleased with how this laundry room turned out. Laundry can be a tedious chore, but having a peaceful, functional, and organized space to tackle it in makes it at least a bit more enjoyable. And if beautiful design has the power to make doing laundry more appealing, imagine what it can do for the rest of your home!

Project Details

  • Project: English Hill East
  • Location: Redmond, WA
  • Designer: K. Peterson Design
  • Photographer: Ellie Lillstrom

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