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I hope you’re all staying safe and in good health! (Said every greeting ever in this pandemic, right!?) I’ve been at my in-law’s vacation home in Lake Chelan, WA since the stay-at-home order started and am thankful to be in a more sparsely populated area so my family and I can safely social distance and get some fresh air. I’m sure with all of the extra time spent at home as of late, boredom has started to set in along with the long list of to-dos around the house that continue needing attention. I’ve been busy tackling lots of projects around the home for my in-laws myself! If this extra time indoors is reminding you of everything you’d like to get done around your home, I’d love for you to keep me in mind for your upcoming renovation projects. I am very excited to announce that I now offer DISTANCE DESIGN in my list of services— I will be doing so for a limited time.

Did you know most home renovations take at least 6-10 months, with the first 3-4 in design and prep work before you even begin? So it is beneficial to begin the process several months before you are hoping to start the real renovation work.

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What’s Distance Design?

This is a 100% virtual interior design service where you’ll be able to book my design services at a flat rate for individual rooms. Our meetings will happen virtually, but you will still go through the same process that any other KPD client would. I will provide you with a floor plan, a unique design mood board, and a full list of furniture and accessories. The only difference is you will do the purchasing and the actual install yourself to respect #socialdistancing.

Neutral Guest Bedroom Distance Design

How Does Distance Design Work?

Distance Design is a great way to tackle the full design of a room remotely.  Here’s how the process works:

Step 1: Select room design package you are interested in (multiple rooms are okay!) and sign the design contract 

Step 2: Complete Client Homework 

  • Design Questionnaire 
  • Read and complete “Measurements and Photos” 
  • Read and complete “Pinterest Board” how-to 

Step 3: Schedule Distance Design Initial Design Meeting 

Step 4: KPD will create a unique design for your room including floor plans, design mood board, and shopping list. We will have a virtual design presentation to go over all of the selections 

Step 5: If revisions are requested, there is a limit of x2 per room 

Step 6: Start shopping! With your full shopping list, you will then be able to order, track, and install all of the items suggested in your design presentation as time and budget allows.

Styled Bookshelf Distance Design

Virtual Design Consultations

Additionally, I’m offering a 1-hour virtual design consultation for those clients that have the list of design questions they wish they had a designer to ask. That consultation is $299 and at the end of it, I will send you a summary of everything we talked about.

Redmond Interior Designer Krissy Peterson of K. Peterson Design

Ready to Get Started?

Click here to fill out the contact form here on my website and let’s begin! I am so excited to be able to offer my services in a way that can reach more people. It truly is an honor to design the way our clients live and I do not take it lightly. Bringing on an interior designer is a worthwhile investment to make sure that your home is somewhere you love to be for years to come. I can’t wait to get started!

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