Toddler Girl Room

Krissy’s Home Tour: Elizabeth’s Room

My first born. Man I was excited about this room. I spent hours planning and dreaming about what it would be. Having your first baby you really invest a lot of time thinking about their life before it even happens. Daydreams of a beautiful, light-filled room, nursing in a big comfy chair with that weird oversized giraffe sitting majestically in the corner. Okay so at the end of the day I didn’t get the oversized giraffe, but I designed a room that to this DAY, is so perfectly Elizabeth. I wanted to a design a room that was fun for a little girl but also felt sophisticated enough to grow with her through babyhood and into big girl status.

Design board little girls room

Design Board

The first order of business was the walls. My husband and his dad did the wainscoting, which instantly changed the feel of the room. I actually ended up leaving the paint color as is on the upper half. I don’t know what the color is! Next I chose her bed and the bedding. I wanted a pretty neutral pallet with just hints of pink. Classic and traditional but not overly girly. I fell in love with her rocker, but I wouldn’t buy it again. It is beautiful and comfortable but it slides all over the place and we haven’t found anything that will keep in place. I found an inexpensive IKEA dresser on craigslist (the smaller version is in Christians room, check out that post here). The art was a really fun find and I think will transition her from a baby to a toddler to a big girl well.

Toddler Girl Room

Elizabeth’s Room


Toddler Girl Room

Elizabeths Room

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