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Krissy’s Home Tour: The Breakfast Nook

Ahhh the breakfast nook. When it came time to renovate the first order of business was to get rid of the orange cabinetry. Colored cabinetry was coming back and navy was having a moment, so I took the opportunity to paint these a rich inky blue and wallpapered the back wall with a neutral grasscloth. With some new hardware and some cute chairs, now this space doesn’t feel so, “builder-y”. I will give it to them (the builders), while touring the house, I saw these built-ins and immediately saw into our future. Two kids, quietly doing homework while I cook dinner. Now that I am ACTUALLY a parent, I realize this space is literally just a surface to throw things onto. I’m normal too guys.





Glass breakfast table with navy built-in, double workstation

Glass breakfast table


Navy built-in, double workstation

Navy built-ins


Glass breakfast table with navy built-in, double workstation

Breakfast Nook Built-Ins


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