One Room Challenge Fall 2019 – Week 1: The Beginning

Hooray! It is officially week one of the Fall 2019 One Room Challenge! Before I go any further, let me tell you what the One Room Challenge, or ORC, is for anyone who is unfamiliar.

This is a six-week challenge, held once in the spring, and once again in the fall, where designers and bloggers take on the space of their choice and fully transform it, documenting the process and sharing tips and encouragement along the way over six weekly blog posts. While I’ve admired the ORC from afar for many years (the talent is mind-blowing!), this year I’ve finally committed to participating and diving into a project of my own!

Ok, let’s get to the good stuff…this year I will be transforming our powder bath!

The powder room has always bothered me. I was excited to have a powder room with this house but have never done anything with it. There is a nice pedestal sink already in there but the mirror, light, and hardware leave a lot to be desired.

For example, the spot to hang a hand towel is behind the door on an 18” towel bar. In the middle of the wall. Not centered. This poses a few problems. First, my OCD kicks in every time I use the bathroom and have to stare at this ridiculous towel bar. Two: after you wash your hands you have to turn around dripping wet and reach for the towel across the bathroom. Hello, drips all over the floor and wall. Third: the art sizes are then limited for this wall because of the location of the bar.

I love to add art to the walls behind the door of a powder bath because it is a fun surprise when you shut the door. That is a lot of thought into a simple towel bar, but as you can see, it really takes up a lot of space in my brain! When it came to design direction, the Pinterest board for this one has been pretty consistent.

Since we’ve moved in, I’ve pictured a dark saturated color and a tongue and groove ceiling. I have a good mix of modern furniture with antique or vintage pieces so I wanted to keep that theme going in this room as well. I chose modern brass hardware and a light that has a more traditional feeling with the linen shades. The art brings that vintage/modern vibe all in one frame and since I hate to have the same metal everywhere, I threw in a modern black metal framed mirror. The walls will be a classic and rich dark green and the ceiling a crisp white! 

Check-in here every Thursday for the next six weeks to see the progress and also follow the progress of each of the One Room Challenge Featured Designers and Guest Participants!

  1. Alisa Bovino says:

    Wow! I love your mood board! This is going to turn out beautifully!!

  2. Victoria says:

    I absolutely adore the plan. It feels so polished and fancy but then you bring in whimsy with those art pieces. I love it.

  3. I LOVE your mood board!! Can’t wait to see how it unfolds! I’m very into this dark moody green right now so this just jumped right off the page! Good luck!

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