5 Mistakes People Often Make When Decorating

mistakes people make when decorating
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There’s no doubt that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, however, I see the inside of many homes and there are a few things I tend to see over and over again. While it’s my job to make spaces look effortlessly stylish, there’s a lot of thought and effort that goes into making everything come together in a space. These are 5 of the most common mistakes people make when decorating their homes, along with my advice for avoiding them.

Mistake 1: Buying stuff “because it works”

My LEAST favorite saying in decorating! Don’t buy stuff just to buy it! Everything you fill your home with should be an investment in the overall feeling which in turn will make you love it longer. If you do that, then there’s no need to donate your stuff 6 months later.

Mistake 2: Buying TOO MUCH

Buying TOO MUCH. This is just my personal opinion, but buying less, buying better, and keeping clutter out of your life is a much better way to live.

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Mistake 3: Not investing where it matters

Invest in really good foundational pieces. Sofas, rugs, a really beautiful coffee table… all things that will be the “canvas” so to speak for your decor. When the foundational pieces are high-quality and beautiful, you don’t need to purchase a bunch of unnecessary items to get the look you are hoping to achieve.

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Mistake 4: Not having a plan

Have a plan! Really sit down with inspiration images and nail down the feeling of your space that you want to achieve. If you can, hire an interior designer to help you. Ask yourself with each purchase, “does this fit within the look I want, or is it just something I think is cute on the shelf, and would it be better in someone else’s modern farmhouse?” Also, enough with the modern farmhouse!

Mistake 5: Being impatient

Take your time. Wait for the sofa in that PERFECT fabric that is going to take 12-14 weeks rather than buying the quick-ship one just because you’ll get it faster. Confession: I moved into my current home almost 6 years ago and there are STILL walls that don’t have art on it! I’m okay with it. This goes back to that not buying things because “they work” mentality. I really want to treasure the pieces that I look at every day and would much rather stare at a blank wall of White Dove paint than some piece of art from Target. No offense to Target though, because they have really cute stuff at a great price point. If you see a piece of art at Target and you love it, AND it will add to the design of your home, then buy it! It’s fine. 🙂

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