What Will Be Big in Interior Design Trends in 2021

Trends in the interior design world tend to make a more gradual shift than trends in say, fashion—sometimes taking anywhere from 2-3 years to change. While fun to embrace, trends aren’t everything, and ultimately, you have to go with what makes your space feel comfortable, look beautiful and stay functional for those that live there.

This year, we’ll be seeing a bit more risk-taking in the form of saturated paint colors, interesting cabinet profiles, and bold countertops which is a fun departure from the safer choices like the pale monochromatic colors we’ve seen dominating recent designs. Here’s what we think we will see in interior design trends in 2021.

Bye, Bye Modern Farmhouse

There’s usually a time gap between the time consumer trends catch up to what designers are doing. By the time they’re super popular amongst consumers, designers are burnt out on the trend and dying for something new. The Modern Farmhouse look has been around for a few years now and is as popular as ever, but many are looking forward to trying out a different interior style in their designs.

In With the Bold

olive green bathroom

This year we will continue seeing a shift away from the all-white super neutral interiors and lean into more saturated uses of color. I personally love deeper colors for secondary rooms like dining rooms, guest bedrooms, smaller bathrooms, etc.

Embracing Transitional/Traditional

This year we will see a big shift towards a more transitional/traditional style. Think traditional furniture lines like rolled arms or darker wood furniture coming back, blended with more modern elements like a statement light fixture, or accent pieces with more modern lines.

Pandemic-influenced Design

Over the past year with the pandemic, so many people have found themselves spending more time at home than ever before, and this has influenced home design as well. We’ve had lots of inquiries for high-traffic areas like kitchen and living room renovations, people are looking for more privacy for Zoom meetings and remote learning, so the open-concept layout that’s been popular for so long isn’t as high-demand as before.

Ceiling Treatments

Ceiling treatments, like cladding the ceiling in tongue and groove, adding more millwork to the ceiling, natural wood ceilings, exposed beams will still be going strong this year.

New Cabinet Profiles

Last year we moved from the all-white, open-shelving kitchen to see a comeback of caned cabinetry. This year, we’re still seeing more caning, as well as reeded door fronts, and thinner shaker cabinet profiles. In terms of color, we’re seeing darker wood cabinetry emerging as an update on the white on white oak cabinets of last year.

Dramatic Countertops

kitchen with marble countertops
Image via: Blakes London

This year expect to see people making bolder choices in solid countertops. The classic white countertop with subtle gray veining will be swapped for natural marbles—they’re loved for their unique veining patterns, bolder colors, and natural patina. We are also seeing the use of a honed or suede finish to give the counters a softer feel.

Modern, Clean Aesthetic

This year there will continue to be a strong draw to a modern, clean aesthetic. Perhaps because we find ourselves at home much more often than before, we’ve been driven towards a more modern aesthetic that supports a more minimalistic vibe. There’s a return to super classic Danish furniture, a slight nod to the 70s and 80s with more rounded furniture, and clutter-free, intentionally-decorated spaces.

What do you hope to see in the interior design trends in 2021?

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