11 of My Favorite Etsy Shops for Home Decor

Who hasn’t gone down the rabbit hole that is Etsy? I love scrolling through the endless amounts of inspiring creations over there and use it for everything from finding unique gifts for friends and family, to home decor. When I search Etsy shops for home decor, my aim is to find something that is one-of-a-kind, high-quality, and it usually ends up being an item that I couldn’t find anywhere else, but was exactly what I was looking for.

Below I’ve shared a round-up of my favorite Etsy shops for home decor. I tend to look for a few things on Etsy; antiques, wall art, and/or textiles like drapes, pillows, and rugs.

Etsy Shops for Home Decor: Antique Shops

Etsy shops for home decor vintage

Clockwise: One // Two // Three // Four

If I’m looking for a special antique, these are my favorite Etsy shops to scour. Number one above, a shop named OmaOmaOpaOpa features everything from wool combs to woven rugs from mostly the Ukraine and Russia. I love their antique clay vessels for layering on shelves.

Shop two, named Go Seek, is a curated vintage shop with articles that mostly come from the Upper New York state area. It’s hard not to want one of everything because each item is styled and photographed so beautifully.

VintageforYoUA, the third shop above, is from Ukraine and offers a beautiful selection of “vintage handicrafts made from wood, clay, glass, and linen.” I love to look through their selection of jugs and vases.

The last shop, Roger Appleyard, sells antiques that are sourced from around the world; vintage European books, medicine cabinets, metal crates, and all sorts of unique finds. It’s always fun to see what they’re currently carrying.

Etsy Shops for Pillows and Rugs

Etsy shops for home decor and textiles

From left: One // Two // Three // Four

When they said that “throw pillows are the stuffed animals of adult women”, I connected with that. I love how they can refresh a space so effortlessly, and can usually be found switching up my throw pillows seasonally.

Etsy sells some really incredible handmade throw pillows, amazing Turkish vintage rugs, linen drapes, and everything else you can think of to spruce up your home. These four shops are my favorites for when I’m on the hunt for home textiles – I think they’re really high-quality and come at an amazing price point.

Etsy Shops for Wall Art

Etsy shops for home decor wall art

From left: One // Two // Three

A great way to save some serious cash and still change the entire look of a room is by buying downloadable wall art on Etsy and getting it printed and framed yourself. These three shops offer some really incredible abstract and modern pieces that would beautifully fill a variety of spaces.

Now, time to spill, what are your favorite Etsy shops?

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