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{New Project} Mid-Century Traditional

I’m really excited about the new project I’ve been busy working on recently. Attention DIY’ers and budget minded design lovers, this project is for YOU! My client, is a really great gal with a love of fashion, theater and is a Seattle transplant that was starting from SCRATCH with furniture. She didn’t have anything! Her modestly-sized 581 sq. ft. apartment has beautiful windows and is fresh and new. But the one thing that she needed my help with was avoiding that sterile new apartment feel. Our other limit? Budget!! A modest $5k budget was all she had to work with. I was totally up for the challenge after talking with her and falling in love with her style and story.

This was a perfect situation to apply my E-Design concept. She is smart, savvy, and has a great eye so I had full confidence that after giving her a design “game-plan” she was fully able to finish the project in her own time and as budget allows. Lucky for her we live in the same city so was able to meet with her in person a few times, but this could have been done completely digitally. I’ll give you the run down of how this process worked for her.

{Step 1} Design Inspiration

After our first meeting, I set her up with an account on HOUZZ where I had her add all the pictures of spaces she sees that she loves. This is great for me as  a designer because there is nothing better than seeing a photo of something you love, or HATE and why. It does such a better job representing your style than your explanation. And through that I was really able to hone in on her style. She said she loved Mid-Century, but what I saw was a mix of those classic Scandinavian lines that made the name famous, mixed in with touches of vintage traditional style. How do these go together? Well check out some of her inspiration pictures and you’ll start to get a sense.






As you can see, there are a great mix of mid-century lines, with splashes of traditional prints, shapes and colors. Completely fabulous!

{Step 2} Design Board & Drawings

And here is the Design Board and drawings  that I handed off to the client! Note the fabulous Platner chairs and tables? Those were given to her from her parents furniture collection! Best hand-me-downs ever! They would DEFINITELY not normally be in the budget. Lucky gal!

K. Peterson Design, LLC.

K. Peterson Design, LLC.


K. Peterson Design, LLC.

K. Peterson Design, LLC.

K. Peterson Design, LLC. K. Peterson Design, LLC. K. Peterson Design, LLC. K. Peterson Design, LLC.

{Step 3} Shopping Guide

Next was the fun part (for me!). I curated a shopping list for the client to have and apply what I designed. I’ve included a few sample pages of items so you can get a sense for how it is laid out. Each item that I think she should buy has  a few options that work within her budget and the locations to purchase them.

K. Peterson Design, LLC.
K. Peterson Design, LLC. K. Peterson Design, LLC.


Now the client has lots of options to choose from and purchase at her leisure as time and budget allows. I can’t wait to get periodic updates on how her apartment is turning out!


Think this process might fit what you are looking for? Head on over here and get in touch!

Thanks for stopping by!

K. Peterson Design


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