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{New Project} Mid-Century Traditional

I’m really excited about the new project I’ve been busy working on recently. Attention DIY’ers and budget minded design lovers, this project is for YOU! My client, is a really great gal with a love of fashion, theater and is a Seattle transplant that was starting from SCRATCH with furniture. She didn’t have anything! Her modestly-sized 581 sq. ft. apartment has beautiful windows and is fresh and new. But the one thing that she needed my help with was avoiding that sterile new apartment feel. Our other limit? Budget!! A modest $5k budget was all she had to work with. I was totally up for the challenge after talking with her and falling in love with her style and story.

This was a perfect situation to apply my E-Design concept. She is smart, savvy, and has a great eye so I had full confidence that after giving her a design “game-plan” she was fully able to finish the project in her own time and as budget allows. Lucky for her we live in the same city so was able to meet with her in person a few times, but this could have been done completely digitally. I’ll give you the run down of how this process worked for her.

{Step 1} Design Inspiration

After our first meeting, I set her up with an account on HOUZZ where I had her add all the pictures of spaces she sees that she loves. This is great for me as  a designer because there is nothing better than seeing a photo of something you love, or HATE and why. It does such a better job representing your style than your explanation. And through that I was really able to hone in on her style. She said she loved Mid-Century, but what I saw was a mix of those classic Scandinavian lines that made the name famous, mixed in with touches of vintage traditional style. How do these go together? Well check out some of her inspiration pictures and you’ll start to get a sense.






As you can see, there are a great mix of mid-century lines, with splashes of traditional prints, shapes and colors. Completely fabulous!

{Step 2} Design Board & Drawings

And here is the Design Board and drawings  that I handed off to the client! Note the fabulous Platner chairs and tables? Those were given to her from her parents furniture collection! Best hand-me-downs ever! They would DEFINITELY not normally be in the budget. Lucky gal!

K. Peterson Design, LLC.

K. Peterson Design, LLC.


K. Peterson Design, LLC.

K. Peterson Design, LLC.

K. Peterson Design, LLC.K. Peterson Design, LLC.K. Peterson Design, LLC.K. Peterson Design, LLC.

{Step 3} Shopping Guide

Next was the fun part (for me!). I curated a shopping list for the client to have and apply what I designed. I’ve included a few sample pages of items so you can get a sense for how it is laid out. Each item that I think she should buy has  a few options that work within her budget and the locations to purchase them.

K. Peterson Design, LLC.
K. Peterson Design, LLC.K. Peterson Design, LLC.


Now the client has lots of options to choose from and purchase at her leisure as time and budget allows. I can’t wait to get periodic updates on how her apartment is turning out!


Think this process might fit what you are looking for? Head on over here and get in touch!

Thanks for stopping by!

K. Peterson Design


Modern Farmhouse {Design Envy}

I am having some serious house envy at the moment! Check out this awesome home designed by H2 Design + Build. This team is actually local to me here in the Northwest so THE MOMENT my husband and I have way too much money spilling out of our pockets to build our dream home, you bet I will be calling these folks.

This home has done a great job of modernizing the farmhouse look. This house is a great combo of modern mixed with traditional elements and relaxed style with a touch of glamour. Take a look at the jaw-dropping after photos below:



































































Photography by Belathée Photography



So fabulous. Enjoy!


K. Peterson Design


{Trend Report} Black Windows + Doors

The other day I was looking through the pages of pins that I have on Pinterest and noticed a trend that I seem to be drawn to in interiors. That trend is having black windows and doors! I don’t think I ever really connected the fact that this feature is what I loved about these room scenes but it definitely is! Nothing says sophistication quite like black does and I think in an interior application it does it even more. Take a look below at what I mean.











As I fantasize about my husband and I’s dream home… You can bet I’ll have some pretty white trim, accented with black windows and doors. What do you think of this look? Leave me a comment on what you think!
K. Peterson Design

{Design Tips} Curtains

For this week I’m bringing you another one of my favorite {Designer Tips}. Most rooms can benefit from fabulous curtains to really finish off a room and bring some interest as well as softness to the space. But a mistake that I often see made is the height of the rod. An easy and quick adjustment to the rod height can dramatically change the look of your room. This tip applies to those of you who are lucky enough to have the ceiling height to do this. Me? Not so much. Thank you 1970 for the fabulous 7′ 6″ ceilings! I still love my house despite the fact I can’t even apply my own tip…

Continuing on… The old rule was to place the rod about 4-6″ above the window frame. The new rule? Place it 4-6″ below the ceiling line. By placing the rod closer to the ceiling you achieve a couple of things. First, it instantly makes the window appear larger. Don’t believe me? Look at the photo below. Second, the ceilings appear taller as well making the whole room feel more grand. K. Peterson Design

Curtains2K. Peterson Design

{Nautical Sophistication} Project Reveal

I finally have some great photos from the yacht project I just completed! If only I could be as efficient with the other projects I’ve finished… I am super proud of this project and am thrilled with the final results. The look is relaxed yet sophisticated, soft yet not too feminine, and nautical yet not cliche.

Take a look and let me know what you think! I’d live there that’s for sure!

First some before photos:

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

Not terrible, but just needed some freshening up!

Below was the inspiration board that I was working with. NAILED IT! Take a look and continue on to the project reveal pictures.

K. Peterson Design

Now for the after:

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design
K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design

K. Peterson Design



K. Peterson Design

{Trend Report} Spindle Furniture

Being an interior designer you start to notice new design trends as they are happening. One of my favorites right now is definitely the Spindle look. Dating from the 17th century, it definitely has a traditional perhaps “country” look, but it certainly fits into the more modern aesthetic seamlessly! Take a look at my favorites below.



Interested in getting your own spindle chair? Check out these two options! Notice any difference between them other than the fabric? I don’t either… Enjoy!
Spindle Chair | K. Peterson Design
Low-End: Z-Gallerie
K. Peterson Design

{Design Tips} Small, Medium, Large

Today I am introducing a new series called {Design Tips}! With this series, I will bring you advice and tips that I use on a regular basis when I am designing interiors that are easy for you to try out as well. Most of them are really simple so don’t worry! I look forward to teaching you some of the things that I know as a designer and hearing how you are using them in your own homes.


The first {Design Tip} that I am bring you is what I call the “Small, Medium, Large” rule. I find that I use this one a lot across a range of design areas from arranging furniture to grouping accessories. For this tip I’ll use furniture as an example. The rule is to choose a small, medium, and large piece of furniture in each group. So, in application in a normal size living area, you would select a small chair, maybe a slipper chair or club chair. Your medium piece could be a love seat or chaise lounge chair. And finally your large piece would be a large sofa.

Below you can see an example of what I am talking about in action. {Design Tips} K. Peterson Design It is important to note too, that this can apply to small space design as well. You just adjust the size of each item to fit the space. Small apartment living room? No problem! Your “large” piece might be a love seat. Your medium piece might be small bench. Your small piece could be a stool if that is all that fits and it works. You can adjust the furniture to your environment!

Here are some great examples of this tip below:


This is a great rule of thumb to keep in mind when you are designing your own homes, but don’t worry, it doesn’t work every time!
Let me know what you think of this tip! There are lots of other ways it can be applied other than furniture. For example, check out the coffee table in the last photo. Notice something? A small, medium, and large grouping of vases. Another great way to use this tip to help you design your whole home!
Do you need help getting your furniture arrangement right? Contact me and I can help you get it perfect!
K. Peterson Design

Sisal Carpet {Nautical Sophistication}

The carpet on the boat was less than exciting. As in… needed to go. ASAP. The owner wanted something bulletproof, moisture and stain resistant and stylish. How do you get all that in stylish carpet? At first I was afraid that you didn’t. I had to think beyond normal wool carpet as well as normal marine carpet. Enter the world of indoor/outdoor carpeting! There are tons of brilliant choices that I had no idea even existed! We just had to narrow down the look we were actually going for.

I noticed in the inspiration photos the client sent me there was a lot of pattern and texture in the carpets, similar to the beautiful examples below:



What is so great about all of these examples is the natural texture and subtle tones in each of them. Each carpet brings a lot of life to the space without being overwhelming. Never be afraid of pattern as a design statement! If it is executed well, it can bring the whole look to another level!
So I did my research to find the perfect marine compatible, natural looking, sisal alternative (client LOVES sisal) with a great pattern. I came upon Curran Floor. I had heard the name before but associated them only with indoor/outdoor furniture. What I didn’t know is that they also have a great selection of carpet ranging from natural sisal, wool, heavy duty contract carpet, indoor outdoor carpet for both exterior use as well as boats and cars, and finally SYNTHETIC SISAL. Yes, sisal that you can use both indoors and out, hose it off, doesn’t stain, the list goes on. And, the best part it is such a dead ringer for the real stuff you don’t feel like you are getting something indoor/outdoor. Curran has a few categories of the Synthetic Sisal as well, and we chose to go with a product called “Anywhere Sisal”.
Here is what Curran had to say about their product:
Our Anywhere polypropylene will resist signs of wear, with unique long-lasting fibers. Does not absorb moisture, making spills and stains easily removable with normal cleaning agents and is permanently anti-static. Does not support the growth of mites or bacteria and is free of toxic elements.
Royaltron™ polypropylene will resist signs of wear, with unique long-lasting fibers.

Royaltron™ polypropylene does not absorb moisture making spills and stains easily removable with normal cleaning agents.

COLOR FAST (UV STABILIZED ) UV stabilized, solution-dyed yarn extrusion is not only safe for the environment, it protects the colors in your new carpet from fading and cleaning solvents. Will withstand cleaning with diluted bleach. 
Carpets made from Royaltron™ polypropylene fibers are permanently anti-static. No more electric shocks. 
Carpets made from Royaltron™ polypropylene fibers do not support the growth of mites or bacteria. 
All Royaltron™ fiber carpets are free of toxic elements. Because color is “melted in” during production of the fiber, it eliminates the traditional use of large quantities of water for dyeing, contributing to the preservation and the quality of our water.”
Now to some photos of this stuff already:
Isntabul Colors
Below is the style board that has a small sample of our carpet, which we are going with Cedar. Isn’t that going to look SO good with all of those fabrics! I’m loving it. The carpet is going to be installed soon and I can’t wait to get picture of this project completed!
Samples {Nautical Sophistication}
Other carpets that Curran has that I love are below. Enjoy!


New York




K. Peterson Design

Final Selections {Nautical Sophistication}

Last week I presented the inspiration board that I will be using to guide my decisions for the boat project. We found some beautiful fabrics to use for all of the upholstery on the boat and I can’t wait to take pictures of the final product. They look beautiful!

Here is the display of fabric samples we will be using:


Samples {Nautical Sophistication}


Interested in what these fabrics are? See below!


Roman Shade:

Robert Allen

Little Brooke / Navy Blazer


Roman Shade


Club Chair:

Robert Allen

Spaced Out/Navy Blazer

Tub Chair


McGuire Furniture

Ottoman Weave / Limestone (We are using the reverse side)



(This fabric came from a consignment store and we didn’t get the manuf. name, but this fabric is similar)

Robert Allen

St. Tropez / Melon




We Danced / Pottery


Overall I am really excited with the look that is coming together and can’t wait to see it all finished!

(Interested in that great carpet you see there? Stay tuned for info on that next week! )


K. Peterson Design

Inspiration Board {Nautical Sophistication}

{Nautical Sophistication}

Here is the inspiration board that I am working from for the design of my clients yacht. I love that it is subtle and sophisticated without being too overly “nautical”. I mentioned before that you don’t have to use lighthouses and sand dollar motifs to get a nautical vibe. In my opinion, using elements with a natural yet marine undertone will go much farther to create a sophisticated nautical environment. For example, mother-of-pearl. How beautiful is that lamp on the board? I think it works so perfectly to not only bring a sense of glamour but also a natural element with shell mosaic. Same goes for the coral. I know, coral can get a little overplayed ESPECIALLY with a “nautical theme”. But using a real or cast coral object in your decor brings a real organic and natural element that I think every space needs. Other elements that I want to bring in include glass, chrome and vintage found nautical objects, most of which will be from the owners own collection. When it comes together, all of these items will really sing!

Next up, I’ll be talking about the fabric and carpet choices we’ve made. They may surprise you! Sisal carpet and cream upholstery you can clean with a hose? Truth. Stay tuned!

K. Peterson Design




Pillow 1

Pillow 2


Nautical Chart (Great Blog on DIY’ing)


Carpet (Not the carpet we are using but a representation)

Mother-of-Pearl Box


Bird Print