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Sisal Carpet {Nautical Sophistication}

The carpet on the boat was less than exciting. As in… needed to go. ASAP. The owner wanted something bulletproof, moisture and stain resistant and stylish. How do you get all that in stylish carpet? At first I was afraid that you didn’t. I had to think beyond normal wool carpet as well as normal marine carpet. Enter the world of indoor/outdoor carpeting! There are tons of brilliant choices that I had no idea even existed! We just had to narrow down the look we were actually going for.

I noticed in the inspiration photos the client sent me there was a lot of pattern and texture in the carpets, similar to the beautiful examples below:



What is so great about all of these examples is the natural texture and subtle tones in each of them. Each carpet brings a lot of life to the space without being overwhelming. Never be afraid of pattern as a design statement! If it is executed well, it can bring the whole look to another level!
So I did my research to find the perfect marine compatible, natural looking, sisal alternative (client LOVES sisal) with a great pattern. I came upon Curran Floor. I had heard the name before but associated them only with indoor/outdoor furniture. What I didn’t know is that they also have a great selection of carpet ranging from natural sisal, wool, heavy duty contract carpet, indoor outdoor carpet for both exterior use as well as boats and cars, and finally SYNTHETIC SISAL. Yes, sisal that you can use both indoors and out, hose it off, doesn’t stain, the list goes on. And, the best part it is such a dead ringer for the real stuff you don’t feel like you are getting something indoor/outdoor. Curran has a few categories of the Synthetic Sisal as well, and we chose to go with a product called “Anywhere Sisal”.
Here is what Curran had to say about their product:
Our Anywhere polypropylene will resist signs of wear, with unique long-lasting fibers. Does not absorb moisture, making spills and stains easily removable with normal cleaning agents and is permanently anti-static. Does not support the growth of mites or bacteria and is free of toxic elements.
Royaltron™ polypropylene will resist signs of wear, with unique long-lasting fibers.

Royaltron™ polypropylene does not absorb moisture making spills and stains easily removable with normal cleaning agents.

COLOR FAST (UV STABILIZED ) UV stabilized, solution-dyed yarn extrusion is not only safe for the environment, it protects the colors in your new carpet from fading and cleaning solvents. Will withstand cleaning with diluted bleach. 
Carpets made from Royaltron™ polypropylene fibers are permanently anti-static. No more electric shocks. 
Carpets made from Royaltron™ polypropylene fibers do not support the growth of mites or bacteria. 
All Royaltron™ fiber carpets are free of toxic elements. Because color is “melted in” during production of the fiber, it eliminates the traditional use of large quantities of water for dyeing, contributing to the preservation and the quality of our water.”
Now to some photos of this stuff already:
Below is the style board that has a small sample of our carpet, which we are going with Cedar. Isn’t that going to look SO good with all of those fabrics! I’m loving it. The carpet is going to be installed soon and I can’t wait to get picture of this project completed!
Other carpets that Curran has that I love are below. Enjoy!


New York




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