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Inspiration Board {Nautical Sophistication}

{Nautical Sophistication}

Here is the inspiration board that I am working from for the design of my clients yacht. I love that it is subtle and sophisticated without being too overly “nautical”. I mentioned before that you don’t have to use lighthouses and sand dollar motifs to get a nautical vibe. In my opinion, using elements with a natural yet marine undertone will go much farther to create a sophisticated nautical environment. For example, mother-of-pearl. How beautiful is that lamp on the board? I think it works so perfectly to not only bring a sense of glamour but also a natural element with shell mosaic. Same goes for the coral. I know, coral can get a little overplayed ESPECIALLY with a “nautical theme”. But using a real or cast coral object in your decor brings a real organic and natural element that I think every space needs. Other elements that I want to bring in include glass, chrome and vintage found nautical objects, most of which will be from the owners own collection. When it comes together, all of these items will really sing!

Next up, I’ll be talking about the fabric and carpet choices we’ve made. They may surprise you! Sisal carpet and cream upholstery you can clean with a hose? Truth. Stay tuned!

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Pillow 1

Pillow 2


Nautical Chart (Great Blog on DIY’ing)


Carpet (Not the carpet we are using but a representation)

Mother-of-Pearl Box


Bird Print

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