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Go-to “Greige” Paint Colors

Several weeks ago we were getting the Newcastle New-Build ready to paint. That meant finding the PERFECT paint color that the painter would mix in with the primer and spray onto the walls to achieve that even, great looking finish. The entire house will be painted the same color at first and then more specific colors will go in much later. It is much more cost effective to do it this way.

It is uncanny how many shades there are of grey, beige, white, tan…the list goes on. Then you get into the undertones of each paint color. Does it read green, blue, pink, purple? How does it vary in daylight, incandescent and energy efficient lighting? Lighting can change everything!

Myself and the homeowners were on board to go a grey/beige color, i.e. “greige”. Grey is really popular right now but beige has that warm traditional feel that will never go out of style so a mix of grey and beige is a perfect marriage.  It is neutral enough that it will go with all of their furniture as well as making all of the fantastic millwork POP and really stand out. I’ve put together the paint colors that I had the homeowners choose from that are my “go-to” colors. All of them are by Benjamin Moore, which is my favorite paint brand.

We decided to go with Elmira White for the walls and White Dove for the millwork . The home was painted a couple of weeks ago and it looks, FANTASTIC!


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  2. What finish did you use?

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