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{Design Tips} Small, Medium, Large

Today I am introducing a new series called {Design Tips}! With this series, I will bring you advice and tips that I use on a regular basis when I am designing interiors that are easy for you to try out as well. Most of them are really simple so don’t worry! I look forward to teaching you some of the things that I know as a designer and hearing how you are using them in your own homes.


The first {Design Tip} that I am bring you is what I call the “Small, Medium, Large” rule. I find that I use this one a lot across a range of design areas from arranging furniture to grouping accessories. For this tip I’ll use furniture as an example. The rule is to choose a small, medium, and large piece of furniture in each group. So, in application in a normal size living area, you would select a small chair, maybe a slipper chair or club chair. Your medium piece could be a love seat or chaise lounge chair. And finally your large piece would be a large sofa.

Below you can see an example of what I am talking about in action.  {Design Tips} K. Peterson Design  It is important to note too, that this can apply to small space design as well. You just adjust the size of each item to fit the space. Small apartment living room? No problem! Your “large” piece might be a love seat. Your medium piece might be small bench. Your small piece could be a stool if that is all that fits and it works. You can adjust the furniture to your environment!

Here are some great examples of this tip below:


This is a great rule of thumb to keep in mind when you are designing your own homes, but don’t worry, it doesn’t work every time!
Let me know what you think of this tip! There are lots of other ways it can be applied other than furniture. For example, check out the coffee table in the last photo. Notice something? A small, medium, and large grouping of vases. Another great way to use this tip to help you design your whole home!
Do you need help getting your furniture arrangement right? Contact me and I can help you get it perfect!

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