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Category Archives: Design Tips

{Design Tips} Curtains

For this week I’m bringing you another one of my favorite {Designer Tips}. Most rooms can benefit from fabulous curtains to really finish off a room and bring some interest as well as softness to the space. But a mistake that I often see made is the height of the rod. An easy and quick adjustment to the rod height can dramatically change the look of your room. This tip applies to those of you who are lucky enough to have the ceiling height to do this. Me? Not so much. Thank you 1970 for the fabulous 7′ 6″ ceilings! I still love my house despite the fact I can’t even apply my own tip…

Continuing on… The old rule was to place the rod about 4-6″ above the window frame. The new rule? Place it 4-6″ below the ceiling line. By placing the rod closer to the ceiling you achieve a couple of things. First, it instantly makes the window appear larger. Don’t believe me? Look at the photo below. Second, the ceilings appear taller as well making the whole room feel more grand.  K. Peterson Design

Curtains2 K. Peterson Design

{Design Tips} Small, Medium, Large

Today I am introducing a new series called {Design Tips}! With this series, I will bring you advice and tips that I use on a regular basis when I am designing interiors that are easy for you to try out as well. Most of them are really simple so don’t worry! I look forward to teachingContinue Reading